Signs You Should Call a Towing Service

A towing service can be a godsend in difficult times and everyone should have them in their contacts list if not on speed dial. They can come in handy, with most of them operating 24/7 in their area of service, helping out people in a myriad of situations. Here are some clear signs that you ought to call in a towing service.


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If Your Car Is Stuck

The main scenario where people reach out to a towing service is when your car is stuck. Whether you’re stuck in the snow, mud, or rough terrain where your car isn’t able to push through, it’s smart to let a towing service take care of things. You might be tempted to hit the gas hard and let the wheels pull you out, but you could end up overexerting force on the engine and cause more issues.

Once you’ve tried the initial push to get it out, don’t overload your engine and call in a towing service for some help.

You Have A Flat Tire

Driving with a flat tire is a risky business. You’re likely to lose control at one point, making it harder to drive. At the very least, you could damage the rims but problems can certainly escalate from that point onwards leading to some severe consequences that you’re better off avoiding altogether. If you’ve got a flat tire, the best plan of action is to park on the side and call in a towing service.

Most towing services will offer adequate roadside assistance and you can let them know that you need your tire changed.

Your Car is Leaking Fluids

There are various kinds of fluids in your car, ranging from the fuel to brake fluid, liquid from the air conditioning unit, and more. Don’t take any risks and park your car on the side if you’re alerted about any fluid leaks. Immediately get in touch with a towing service, ideally one that provides some auto care services and can look into the problem for you.

Warning Lights or Sounds

There are numerous sensors in-built in the car to alert you on your dashboard if there’s a problem with your vehicle. If any of these goes up, experts recommend not driving the car too much and having it towed instead. The same goes for any loud and unexpected sounds coming from the engine as they could indicate problems that need to be addressed immediately. Park to the side and let your towing company know that you’re in need of some service.

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